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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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suitable for all kinds of electronic product assembly
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AT8502D Epoxy Resin Intelligent Lead-free LED Display Desoldering Rework Stations

Function characteristics
Second-ranking provide constant temperature fixed temperature MCU computer PID senior algorithm industrial control, temperature control more precise.
Second-ranking LCD double screen independently shows the air stations and welding sets the current working condition and parameters, very intuitive. Customers on the equipment, the output state at a glance.
Second-ranking power, warming rapidly output.
Second-ranking big flow diaphragm type pressure pump, applicable to all kinds of wind mouth desoldering SMD components.
Dormancy, second-ranking automatic stop etc province electricity function.
Second-ranking initiative for users handle shortcut buttons, bring more quickly adjust temperature and airflow.
Three groups provide independent second-ranking memory function, make customer to quickly switch between the different temperature airflow combination work patterns.
Each unit has successfully brought Washington temperature compensation function, can guarantee the stability during working state user use.
Second-ranking fault alarm instructions function.

Technical parameters
The rated voltage: AC 220V + 10% 50Hz

The machine power: 900W
Temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit (convertible)
Set mode: buttons regulation
Showing the way: LED display
School temperature means: digital calibration
Temperature lock mode: digital
Temperature stability: + 2 °c (static)
Temperature control precision: + 10 °c(static)
Correction range: - 50 °c ~ 50 °cWork environment: 0 ~ 40 °c relative humidity < 80%
Storage temperature: - 20 ~ 80°c relative humidity < 80%
Fault alarm: heater display H E, sensor display S - E
Shutdown: normal shutdown, nov.11 delay shutdown, power outages

Hot air guns part
Working voltage: AC 220V + 10% 50Hz
Output power: 800W
Air pump: diaphragm type
Temperature range: 100 °c~ 500 °c gas flow 120L/min (maximum)
Air volume range: 020-100 levels
Dormancy standby: stop heating, hair drier delay in dormancy standby
Wind: machine hair drier, stop heating
Setting storage (three group) : 1:20 0 °c, 40; 0°c and 60; 2:30 Then the 0 °c, 80
Wards: A1125, A1126, A1130, A1170A
Heat wire: AT860D heat wire 800W 220V

Electric welding machine parts
Working voltage: 26V + 10% 50Hz AC
Output power: 50W
Temperature range: 200°c ~ 480 °cWelding of impedance: tip < 2 Ω
Welding of voltage: < tip 2mV
Setting storage (three group) : 1:20 0 °c; 2:30 0 °c;Then the 0°cIron head: AT - 01 - SI
Heater: 50W four core ceramic heater